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So the Observation Deck at Columbia Center lived up to its hype, even accounting for the fact that it costs $9 to get in. I took a full panorama [50MB file] of the available view from the 73rd floor of the tallest building in Seattle. From (at left) the TV towers atop Capitol Hill to the northeast, all the way around south, and back again to the Space Needle and Lake Union to the northwest (at right).

Afterwards, I went to the Frye Art Museum where I took a bad photo of some sheep in a painting that totally creeped me out. Then I did a lot of walking, and then some getting lost, in Capitol Hill. There I caught the Space Needle peeking over a roof. Finally, I walked back to the ferry terminal via Pike Place Market and Post Alley. That last part is due to me being dumb. I was hurting a bit already, but I figured that as the way back to the water is generally downhill I’d be fine. Don’t do that. That way lies pain and suffering, and not just for the tourists you’ll mow down in your eventual rampage.

After a stop at the corner store for some Red Hook IPA, I am now safely at home googling for the signs and symptoms of stress fractures of the femur.

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